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    Default 64 bit vs 32 bit

    I am a new user running a Supermicro Atom D510 motherboard and 2GB RAM

    I have installed the 32 bit version by mistake, what advantage will I see by installing the 64 bit version instead?

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    probably none, it might be slightly less efficient, actually.
    I would only run 64 if you had a lot more memory, which is also probably not needed.

    No worries!

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    The Atom D510s memory controller tops out at 4gb of RAM. There's no reason to ever use 64bit on that chip.
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    I am not an expert on this topic. But I believe that there are other efficiencies in general provided by 64-bit CPU architecture, aside from having more than 4GB RAM. Still I have never been aware of those as being so significant that the 32-bit/64-bit discussion ever comes up on issues for anything besides using more 4GB of RAM and software compatibility (ie Microsoft Exchange requires a 64-bit CPU, etc). So even if in theory 64-bit performs better, in practice I never hear about that discussion, so its probably not an issue. I don't know whether there is any difference in kernel hardware driver availability between 32-bit & 64-bit, but that might be a consideration. Still, your NICs and HD controller are the only items I normally think of in the world of untangle drivers (hardware compatibility). As long as Untangle & debian continue to support 32-bit into the foreseeable future as well as they support 64-bit, I'd say you're golden.

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