Good Morning Untangle Forum Members,

I have just moved over to Untangle (paid my subscription) from pfsense. I have to ask myself, why did I wait so long. The fit and finish of the gui is amazing. Furthermore, the ease in configuring is hands down sooo much easier. Anyway, I would like to ask a few questions about each of the products. Forgive me if I post this in the “Installation” section as I believe if I would have cross posted this in multiple sections, it would have been frowned upon. Moderators, please feel free to move as necessary.

First, about my network. It is I would assume similar to what I would consider “normal”…

Untangle box: Repurposed (for now) Dell Optiplex 760, Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz, 8G Ram, 160G HD, qty. (2) Intel Pro dual GE port cards.

Architecture: Cable modem to Untangle nic1, nic 2 to POE switch, POE switch connected to Unify AP’s, printers, 2nd 24 port GE switch, etc. (no VLANs are in place yet).

The questions below are being asked solely for the purpose of finding that happy medium between enforcing good security measures within the home however, allowing for a positive computing/internet experience for the family. I can deal with the kids not being able to get to XYZ websites but… when the wife can’t get to ABC shopping sites, well for those of you that are married the old saying applies…. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

The following questions are specific to the Default Policy that my wife and kids are using. I on the other hand have my own rack….

-Web Filter: For those of you heavy home users with/without kids, what do you have Blocked and or Flagged within the following tabs:
-Block Categories
-Block Sites (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)
-Block Mime Types (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)
-Pass Sites (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)

-Virus Blocker: The default settings are enabled within the following:
-Pass Sites (any others that I should add other than the defaults?)
-Advanced: I have selected ALL (any others that I should add other than the defaults, willing to share screen shots or files to import?)

-Web Cache: Is enabled. Any other sites I should be adding to the Cache Bypass tab? (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)

-Application Control: Is enabled
-Applications: Which ones do the majority of you have Blocked, Tarpitted, and Flagged?
-Rules: None of the defaults are enabled, should they be? Any others that I should add? (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)

-Firewall: Is enabled
-Rules: The 3 default rules are not enabled. Any others I should be adding? (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)

I would like to add Country Blocking similar to pfblocker in pfsense however, when I blocked everything vice the USA, the wife was kind enough to let me know facebook (among a few other sites) no longer worked. Can someone point me to or better yet, provide detailed screenshots of how they implemented say the Top 20 offenders and/or blocked say everything and ALLOW say the USA? Also, possibly provide a file to import? (willing to share screen shots or files to import?)

-Ad Blocker: Is enabled
-Options: Defaults are checked
-Ad filters: All standard filters are enabled (defaults)
-User Defined filters: Anyone have some to share or provide a file to import?
-Cookie filters: All standard filters are enabled (defaults)
-User Defined Cookie filters: Anyone have some to share or provide a file to import?
-Pass Lists: I have nothing defined here, should I?

-Intrusion Prevention: Is enabled
-Rules: Was disappointed that out of the box it doesn’t block anything compared to pfsense and the implementation of Snort of which allows me to use my subscription. I found a forum post wherein a user was kind enough to post his JSON file of which was imported and I am observing no adverse effects (lots blocked though). My question, is anyone else willing to provide their JSON files for me to review and potentially import and combine with my existing? Willing to share any additional Rules that should be added (screenshots and/or are best or I can import files).
Link to forum post:
-Variables: All of the defaults are listed. Any others I should be adding. Anyone willing to provide screenshots or files that I can review and import?

-OpenVPN: Is enabled. For what its worth, this is the one single item I was never able to get working in pfsense. That being said, maybe 2-5 minutes with Untangle and presto, it works like magic!! Now for a few questions:
-Server: where can I define where say my remote laptop/device gets a specific IP? The reason for this is simple, I have my own rack specific to my browsing habits and when I connect via VPN I am relegated to using the “Default Policy”. I would like to set up a rule such that when I connect, my laptop/device is assigned IP (locked by MAC) and assigned to use my rack vice the default policy. Also, where can I define a second set of authentication criteria. Currently, when Tunnelblick connects, it authenticates based on the imported configuration files. While I appreciate this streamlined methodology in connecting to my network, I would also like to enforce a secondary username/password policy.

-CPU usage: What do the numbers equate to? I would have expected to see a real usage percentage in the dashboard however, what is presented is Green through Red with representative numbers of 0 – 5. I get that Yellow is warning and Red is bad however, 0-100% would make better sense in my opinion however, I can be swayed with a compelling argument .

Al in all Untangle has been a blessing in ease of use and management. Furthermore, the reporting functions allow me the ability to gain significantly better insight to what s going on within my network when compared to the pfsense offerings.

Lastly, allow me to thank each and every one of you in advance for reading this long post and responding during your free time. I truly value and appreciate everything everyone has to say and/or offer.