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    Default Move from old server with 11.2.1 install to new server

    Can I install the newest Untangle on the new server, make backups on the old, and use the backup to migrate to the new?

    Or does the version difference get in the way?
    What is the easiest way to get on a new server?
    I could install 11.2.1 on the new machine (but where do I find it?)

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    Restore only accepts backups from current and one version back. v13.1 restore accepts v13.0. v13.0 accepts from v12.2 and so on.

    I would upgrade the current box to v13.0 then take a backup. Otherwise if that is not possible, older versions of Untangle are available from
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    Honestly, I'd just install v12.0 on the new server, restore the backup to that and THEN upgrade.

    The v11 to v12 upgrade hasn't treated me kindly, it's also time consuming, best to skip it. This also leaves the v11 unit online and happy while you make sure the new unit is ready to be deployed, then you can simply swap when ready.

    No risk of downtime. v12 to v13 upgrade is pretty quick and painless.
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