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    Default how to use cli and the patch

    hi all

    i would like to patch my untangle using this one

    using this command
    curl -k | dash

    but how do I do that ?

    So if I understand correctly, i need to connect to the interface and enter the terminal.
    But, i'm french, so i've got a french keyboard, and i can't use copy / paste in the terminal, so I don't know how to do the | in the terminal. (even if the keyboard is configured for English, i don't know how to do it !)

    maybe the best way should be to download the script and then execute it ? but how ?

    Can someone please help me ? i know, it's a newbie question, but...i'm lost.

    or maybe, someone can update my untangle ? (i'm still in 13.0, but there is a 13.1). And if i'm right the problem is solved on new version.

    Thanks folks !

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    Just upgrade to the latest version.

    That issue doesn't affect 13.0, and you can't run that patch on 13.0 anyway
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    but i have a bug with captive portal.
    can't logout and login it again. because I use a different standard port (not 80). So the support told me it was solved in the next version or to use this script....
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