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    Default Restore configuration from serial console

    I am running Untangle on a PCEngines APU2 system that does not have video. I think i have fubared up my network config and am no longer able to access it via the network. I would like to access the device via the serial console and restore a previous backup. Is there a way to do this?

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    IF you have serial terminal enabled, and I presume you do, I would simply use ifconfig at the terminal to give eth1 (or your internal anyway) a chosen IP so I can use the web interface while connecting directly (bypassing the switch) via ethernet to the apu.
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    Other than a reinstall, manually configuring an interface would be about the only way. And you aren't restoring on the console, just getting the unit online, logging in via a browser and restoring from there.

    If that doesn't work, reinstall. Honestly, I'd just reinstall it anyway. Probably take less time than mucking about in the terminal.
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