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    Default Do bypass threads pose a risk?

    I'm considering a new firewall solution for a small business where I wear the "IT Guy" hat. I like what I have seen from Untangle, so I installed it as a virtual machine on my home lab. I'm finding my way around for the most part, but am concerned with the risks posed by the "bypass" sessions. I'd like to have all data flow through the firewall rules in a "deny all except specified" architecture. Even when I set all sessions to be scanned, I still see quite a few sessions showing as bypass.

    1) Is there a way to force all data to flow through the firewall rules?

    2) Am i correct in assuming that these bypass sessions could be used as a method to bypass my firewall?


    Bypass rules.png

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    "Bypass" simply means don't scan at layer 7.

    Your rules are the default, the rule at the bottom does nothing as the default is to scan if no rules are matched.
    I wouldn't concern yourself. Many sessions won't be processed at layer 7, including sessions to and from untangle itself, non tcp/udp sessions, and more.

    If you are really worried about it, just implement your filtering rules at layer 3 in the filter rules, not in the apps.
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