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    I have an untangle running on an old PC and I want to change it to a mini pc , unfortunately the one I have is not supported by untangle video drivers so I can't get pass the installation screen , I wanted to just swap the hard disk from the old computer to the new one , worked before on 2 Dell machines but it's not working now , I even tried new installation on a different mini pc then swapped the hard disk but gave me the same error , I believe it could be fixed since it's a mapping issue , here is what I get when I try to boot on the new computer

    is there any way to remap the drive using the shell command ?

    I know it might not be officially supported but I hope someone can help
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    Did you lookin the bios to see if you can enable "legacy boot" or similar?

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    What version of Untangle? Because if it isn't v14, it may simply not work on younger hardware. Also, see above.
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