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    Exclamation Intel I219-V NIC Not Compatible v14

    I had the misfortune of trying to get two different Gigabyte Ultra Durable Motherboards to work with Untangle v14. I have used boards similar to these in the past as they are mITX and have dual GIG NICS on the motherboards. They also have wireless (which I'm not using anyway). However, these boards are newer and even though the specs didn't say this, they both have two different Intel NICS... the I211 NIC (which does work) and the I219-V (which does NOT work)

    Gigabyte B360N WIFI LGA 1151 mITX Intel Motherboard
    B360N WIFI

    Gigabyte H370N WIFI LGA 1151 mITX Intel Motherboard
    H370N WIFI

    So after trying both motherboards, I had to order a PCIe network adapter to finish my Untangle v14 build. So I would suggest avoiding the I219-V NIC... this might save you some heartache.

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    Yes, Untangle has v3.2 of the e1000e module from Intel, If I'm reading this correctly you need at least v3.3 to support the I219.

    But you'll also note that if you look at Intel's website for the I219-V:

    Then ask for Linux drivers, you're instead passed a FreeBSD driver. Something's wrong here, Intel has the best Linux support of all the NIC manufacturers, yet this behavior is strange. It should be linking the current e1000e but it isn't...

    A quick Google of I219-V Debian results in several threads reporting issues.

    So let this be a lesson to you, always research your hardware in detail before you purchase. NIC compatibility isn't always easy, usually going Intel makes it easy but not always. This card won't have support until Untangle moves to Debian 10, and since that's still in testing it'll be awhile.
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    I had the same problem with a mb like it and instead of altering the untangle installation i installed esxi 6.5 on it and the untangle as vm.

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