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    Default Untangle and APU2C4


    I looked for howto's to get the installation of untangle working on the APU2C4. I found some posts with changing the syslinux.cfg file but that renders me with a broken serial connection with the first step of choosing the correct language.
    Is there any official howto of getting untangle installation to work via serial or network for the APU2C4 (a pretty common routerboard device)?
    I assume that the network setup only works *after* you've installed untangle from USB to disk correct?
    I don't want to open the APU2C4 and get the mSata out and buy an adapter to hook up the disk to my laptop..
    Any documentation or working sysylinux.cfg for serial installation with the latest 14.1.1 is more then welcome

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    Installation on this hardware is more difficult than it should be, honestly. Once you get past your serial issues, you'll get stuck at the grub install, which has been broken in Debian since etch.

    You can modify the .ini files on the install USB if you like, or.. if you're like me, you can be lazy and just wait for the grub menu to show. Hit DOWN exactly once (this is the normal, non graphic install) -- you won't be able to tell it has moved, but it has.
    Then, hit TAB, and overwrite vidmode=768 with console=ttyS0,115200
    (note, I don't recall exactly what the label is for the screen line might be vesamode or somesuch).

    Hit Enter, and you've crossed hurdle #1.

    Now, for hurdle #2, as you get through the installation steps, you'll get the penultimate step, which is the grub install. It will fail due to the longstanding bug, and you'll be forced to do the grub install yourself. I can't post links as a new user, but if you google for "chroot grub install", you'll hopefully find a link titled "Install Grub from chroot" on I followed these steps pretty verbatim, and ignored the warnings during grub-update. Substitute /target for /mnt, of course.

    Finally, as there is no text mode installer available after you reboot, you'll have to browse to the default address, which will be found on the interface nearest the power plug (it will show as eth0).

    Good luck.
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