I had a problem with a client's physical untangle box, the root filesystem went into Read-Only mode during the night; users still had internet access, but no email would come through and no config changes would take effect, I couldn't even turn off the spam blocker. Fearing the worst, I started preparing a VM to take over for the physical box (thankfully this box has a full sub, so I went to the command center to retrieve the prior day's backup).

During the install, I got a message that said "This cpu lacks support for the Supplemental Streaming SIMD extensions 3 (SSSE3)..." which it said was needed for some package, and asked if I really wanted to install the package. Admittedly my VMware server is a pretty old AMD Opteron, I believe the last model before they added SSSE3. Anyhow, I told it to go ahead and install the package anyway (in the moment I actually failed to notice the 3 S's and thought it was talking about old SSE3, which I knew all Opterons had, so at first I thought it was a mistake).

After install, Untangle booted up fine and I was able to begin configuration. Once I had a replacement ready, I tried fsck and a reboot on the physical box and it came up fine so I never actually put the VM into use. Today I'm looking at replacing the box, but I have the VM on standby...

The question is: what are the consequences of running without SSSE3? I have at least two other installs in the field that are running without SSSE3 support without issue as far as I know, but those are all older installs that have upgraded over the years. Is this only a concern for new installs?

Thanks for any insight.