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    So a few days ago my cisco fw died; I had an untangle and got it set up and is working great. I have now bought an Untangle z6 for the chance my current untangle dies some day.

    What is the best way to have the z6 ready to go? I've read that backups don't work on older/newer versions. With the z6 in the box it will inevitably become outdated as newer software versions are released.

    I don't want to have to buy two licenses when I'm only using one. And I don't want the z6 running, I want is fresh if the time comes.

    I'm thinking I just download new images as they are released and be prepared to install the newest image onto the z6 when the time comes and then configure it from scratch which should not be hard since I've taken screen shots of all the config pages so I can remember how to do it next time. Is this the best bet?

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    If you've got the IP addresses, configure VRRP. If you don't, just configure the spare device as a router, connect External to the LAN and make sure External has a working IP configuration. It'll keep itself up to date then.

    Then you're just a backup / restore and a quick replug to online.
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    Regardless of the device used, I think having backup is a must. For this reason so that your information is completely safe or there is no fear of getting lost. I also read your comment here that you said really well.

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