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    Default Restore from backup.... maybe?

    I have been a paid home subscription user (Home Pro) for the last couple of years. However, a HW vendor gave me a box to try out and of course I can't turn down free stuff. But the box has proven to be too slow for my connection so I am moving back to untangle and as luck would have it a. my subscription expired a month ago b. the hw that I was running on died c. the local 13.1 backup that I have won't import into the current 14.2 build.....grrr

    I put alot of time into my build and hate to see it go to waste. So, I am wondering if I renew my subscription will I get access to the previous online backups?

    Thanks in advance

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    You could load 13.1 release from the archives and then use your local backup.

    I'll have to check with IT to see when backups are cleared.
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