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    Question Service Unavailable - Where to begin diagnosing issue?

    Long story short, clicked check for updates thinking it would give a list of options, not just force the download/upgrade.

    System updated, had a kernel crash and had to force a reboot. System restarted, but unable to login to the web GUI on either the console itself or remotely. Everything seems to be "working" aside from that.

    This is going to be on an older version 12.0.1, previously on 11.x before this update.

    Is there going to be a spot that contains logs that I can access from the terminal and perhaps get things going to get back into the GUI so I can make backups before doing an upgrade to the latest version?


    Update - So, apache2ctl restart will get the interface up after a reboot, so that at least gets me into the system. Still no idea why it won't load itself.
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    Ooff... the v11 to v12 upgrade was a monster... takes forever and bricked so many machines.

    Why bother upgrading? If you can get the configuration online enough to read it, I'd just start over. You're going to have to do that for OpenVPN anyway.

    If you want the thing for reference just image the drive into a VM, failing that install v12 in a VM somewhere and restore.
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    Yeah, you aren't going to be able to use the backup going into v15.1, anyway. Write networking details by hand, and download a fresh install.

    side-by side machines are helpful in this endeavor. An under-powered machine w/15.1 installed is useful until you have a backup from it.

    Also, you may be able to use the export function on the various modules, (it depends less on the database schemas)

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