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    Default my new z4 appliance fails to upgrade with "Downloading Upgrades Failed" message

    Newbie here.

    I purchased and installed a z4 appliance a few days ago. Since installation, the device has shown that there are firmware upgrades available. I have it set to auto-install every night, but after several nights it still hasn't happened. I just logged into the device console, went to Config > Upgrades > Upgrade Now and received the following error message:

    "Downloading Upgrades Failed".

    All other internet access appears to work just fine for the entire household.

    Any ideas what might be causing this to fail? Appreciate any help!

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    Talking Welcome Untangle and the forums!

    The yellow triangle that indicated that an upgrade is available is known as an 'Administrative Alert'.
    Are there any others than just the one?

    Go to the [Connectivity Test] under Config / Network / Troubleshooting (this is shown in the URL bar of the browser as ...#config/network/troubleshooting/connectivity).
    Run that test, what does the result show?

    Also can you give us a simple idea of the layout of your network.
    A picture of a hand-drawn sketch on a paper is fine.
    Describe the settings in NGFW Network / Interfaces External for us.
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    Hi, ek912. You're most likely going to need to contact Support so we can try and get this fixed for you. Drop us a line at, include your UID, and be sure support access is enabled in Config > System > Support.
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