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    Default Netgate APU install from usb

    I am currently trying to install untangle firewall on to a netgate APU2 from the serial console(putty). I tried to follow a thread here on the forums where the user edited the syslinux.cfg to get the unit going but the apu tries to boot from the usb then stalls with a line about syslinux. I configured the syslinux.cfg as described but no luck. If anyone could provide a clue as to the right configuration to get to the text install I would really appreciate it. If I cannot get it working I also ordered a msata ssd to usb adapter for the hard drive in the APU in hopes I can remove the hard drive somehow write an untangle image to that ssd and then reinstall into the APU. If anyone has any idea how to get the image on there that would be most helpful as well. Thank you so much in advance.

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    Way before the UT serial console I setup a VM and an msata usb adapter as physical disk, installed UT and booted on the APU2.

    Recently did the serial/text installer but can't remember if I did anything special. Are you pressing the right key for the Installer menu?

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