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    Default unable to log into terminal after upgrade from 15 to 16.0.11

    Since the system upgraded i can no longer login via the terminal on the box. I type the admin password and the window closes.
    I can access the GUI and have tried resetting the admin password which I believe will link to the root password.
    Is this an intentional change for this version or is there a problem? How can I fix this.
    Many thanks

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    There was another OS level password hash change, it's mangled some logins on a few of my systems as well.

    All you should have to do is change the admin webui password to restore ssh access. As for the reset, make sure you're hitting the save button at the bottom. You can't just fill in the new password form and click OK! You have to click save afterward...

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    Just ran into the same problem. The upgrade destroyed the GUI logon for mine. I was able to get in via CMD center and re-enter the password. This was on a Z4 device, 15 to 16.

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