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    Default New Setup, Wifi Router to AP and DHCP question,

    Hello, noob here/not cut over to untangle yet. Finally found where the DHCP server settings reside. I can't believe I didn't see it sooner, but oh well.

    My current setup looks like this:

    gigfiber wan port (ppoe) ---> asus ac86u wan port (set up as wireless router mode, port 1 (non-wan) --->cisco 3750x
    The Asus is set to be the DHCP server and gateway (it has the .1 ip for itself) and has a few reserved ips for devices that I have not set statically on the device.

    My questions revolve around how to handle the INTERNAL interface on untagle. Ideally I make as few changes to the topology as possible to keep everything from turning into a dumpster fire while everyone is doing school/work from home. Does it matter if I leave the router handling the DNS/DHCP?

    What does default gateway change to if anything?

    Just trying to get all the pieces lined up before I start moving things and forgot a small detail somewhere.

    TIA for any thoughts/links/pointers...


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    Since your Asus is running as a router, you just need to duplicate the configuration.

    Asus WAN port configuration is directly applied to External on Untangle.
    Asus LAN port configuration, is directly applied to Internal on Untangle.

    Whatever you pick during first boot doesn't matter, because you can simply make External PPPoE, and internal static, again with all the same stuff you did before. DHCP ranges are on the Internal interface, DHCP reservations are in the DHCP tab under config -> networking.

    Once the interfaces all look the same, and DHCP in both places look the same swap the wires and reboot your ISP provided gear if any. Nothing on your LAN will notice, they'll all renew their IPs once their leases expire, and if you want to rush that situation just reboot whatever you're using for a switch after you swap the cables.
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    Thanks for the input.
    I had questions on what my wifi router was going to do once I changed it to AP mode and it gave up its original ip I was using for all the clients as gateway, so this made the cut pretty un-eventful: just changed the Untangle internal interface IP to the one Wifi had and turned on dhcp with the same scope and was up and running.

    Fortunately I had zero issues getting the WAN to connect to the CenturyLink Fiber modem. Still getting 980+/- down and 800+/- up.

    Thanks again for the help.


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