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    Default New Bridged Install Error - Interface 2 Bridged to Null Interface

    I was installing Untangle on an old computer and getting a "interface 2 bridged to null interface" error after selecting Bridge mode. I could see all of the interfaces (one onboard and two on PCI-X) in the setup Wizard so assumed everything was good. I found a post but it did not have an answer for me.

    I had installed the image (from ISO) on the computer before I had this dual NIC installed. Now during the setup I was seeing the above error. I ended up reinstalling Untangle from scratch and this time the hardware was detected and correct drivers were installed during the install. Everything worked as expected.

    This was my experience so wanted to save some on few minutes. Incompatible hardware may be the issue for others.

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    Yeah you have to have all interfaces available when you install Untangle. If you don't the resulting hardware changes depending on how your BIOS enumerates the NICs can result in a corrupted configuration.
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