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    Default Can't log into HTTP or HTTPS administration page from network PC

    I have used untangle for years never had any issues. I was poking around and unchecked the box that says allow HTTP administrator under config>administrator. I unchecked it figuring I would use https to get access now I'm not able to get in from any PC on the network http or https. It allows me to log in once I do that it says below. I am able to get access from the untangle box client application without issue. I checked the box to allow http now it continues to give this message about the administration is disabled. I verified the self signed cert is valid until 2038 untangle version is 16.0.1

    The allowed subnet is my /24 subnet I'm using for my home LAN.

    Untangle Server

    HTTP administration is disabled.

    I figured out the problem I misunderstood the "Restrict administration subnets" I thought that subnet you enter is the one you want only to be allowed to use admin account from, but when I removed that IP subnet it works now. I don't want anyone being able to get into the admin page from the internet somehow. Can I put a single IP of a PC in that field.
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    Did you move the HTTPS service port?
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