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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post
    OCZ from 2010 and 64GB?

    Yeah... honestly I'm shocked that thing is still around. I would have thought that thing would have died by 2015! Those weren't known for terribly great longevity. So perhaps you do have just a dead SSD.

    But we're still back to the fact that mainboard is no longer supported by Debian. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets. Heck you might get this going again just for the next upgrade to kill it!
    Exactly - the 24/7 "quiet life" of being SSD in a Untangle system may have prolonged it (no power cycles, etc) but I was not that surprised except that I didn't get the latest data of it before it went dead... But I have the cloud backup module activated so it should just restore on a new setup, right?

    And..., yes, a new system is being in order - after the first messy years where I (we?) had to rebuild the Untangle system now and then - is looong time ago so the years has just passed unnoticed due to this great package...

    Thanks for your response/push for an investment;-)
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    Late to the party but just here to say that I'd replace the CPU+motherboard anyway just because the 1055T is more of a space heater than a CPU.

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