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    Default URGENT - Video issue

    I have a new Customer that I'm trying to get up and running with Untangle. I'm unable to get Untangle up and running as I have a Video issue. When it tries to load, it fails with framebuffer error. untangle the server has failed to properly detect correct video and monitor settings. untangle cannot run in framebuffer mode please specify busids. It is a brand new Computer and the motherboard is gigabyte GA-B560M-DS3H
    I URGENTLY need to get this customers firewall setup, but can't proceed. Please advise how to fix this problem. I've tried starting in all the other video modes - same result.
    I've tried using the VGA port and different monitor - same result
    I've tried changing all the video settings I can find in the bios - same result.
    I've tried using the very latest version of Untangle - same result
    I've tried formatting Hard disk, starting again - same result
    I am assuming that the video chip on this motherboard requires some sort of manual configuration file for this to work?

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    Debian which Untangle is based on is fairly picky on which video chipset are supported. This setup will probably not get the local video to work. I would suggest using direct ethernet.

    If you do not have a keyboard/mouse/video connected to the Untangle server, the Setup Wizard can be reached by plugging into a DHCP-configured laptop into the internal interface opening a browser to
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