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    Default DELL PERC H750 No Disks Detected

    Hello, I'm new to the forums but not to Untangle. I'm having an issue during the Disk Detection portion of the installation. My issue is that Untangle is not recognizing any of my drives. My server is a DELL T440 that has a PERC H750 RAID controller. I was hoping someone on the forums would be able to help. Thank you in advance.

    Here is what I have tried:
    1. Installing Untangle with RAID 5 using the PERC H750 and default Virtual Disk

    2. In the BIOS, I've switched the Embedded SATA from AHCI Mode, RAID Mode, and Off and tried to install but which option selected, Untangle is not recognizing the drives.

    3. I've completely removed the PERC from the mobo and tried to bypass the controler all together but Untangle is not recognizing the drive.

    4. To make sure my USB drive isn't affecting the installation, I switched over to a DVD.

    At this point, I don't know what else to try. I realize Untangle uses a Debian based Linux, so maybe I can try finding those drivers on DELL's site? I have two active Untangle installations running on DELL T110's with no problem...

    Thank you

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    Do some Googling on the PERC H750 RAID and you'll find the drivers aren't included in Debian 9 at all, and support in Debian 10 requires tweaking to the OS. In short... you cannot use the RAID card with Untangle.

    Perhaps once Untangle is on Debian 11 that card will work, but at this time it appears it has issues.

    I'm going to suggest installing vSphere on the server, and running Untangle as a VM. More of a headache, but since Dell supports VMWare themselves, it'll be easier for you to get the hardware support you need on that platform.

    Oh, and welcome to the Untangle Forums.
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    Proxmox is probably an option too. It is based on debian 11. You might also try putting the disk in another machine and do the install, Sometimes the installer has problems but the final os can work. It has worked in the past but only one way to find out.

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    Thank you for the replies. sky-knight, you are correct about the H750. I just finished talking with DELL support and after further investigating the RAID options on my server they suggested I purchase a: HBA330 12Gbps SAS HBA Controller (NON-RAID), MiniCard | Dell Part#: J7TNV and swap it out with the H750. The server is still within the return window, which I might just return the whole thing at this point. Again, thank you for the help, it's much appreciated.

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