I am trying to set up Untangle in AWS with the Untangle servicing instances in a private subnet. I first installed Untangle as described in the AWS documentation which resulted in a single interface acting as the WAN interface. I set up Wireguard to connect to my Z4 and the connection is active. So far, so good.

I then created a small subnet for instances and created a Win 2019 instance with a netwok interface in that subnet. I then created a second network interface in that subnet and attached it to the Untangle server as an addressed internal interface. I disabled Source/Destination checking on that interface. I set up an AWS Route Table to point all traffic to the Internal Untangle interface and associated it with the subnet. This is pretty much the same setup you would use in a hardware Untangle installation.

However, the ping test from the Untangle server is unable to reach the instance in the subnet. From my PC I am able to ping the Untangle internal network I/F but not the instance. Essentially, the internal subnet is unreachable.

Any help would be much appreciated.