Ive been using untangle for some time now and been pretty happy with it, but ive found its lacking a few small things which id like, so i thought id try run it on ubuntu so i can use some other netowkring tools aswell.

now my problem is, i installed it ok, but when i run the untangle-client i was getting an error about gui.jnlp not being able to load or being missing.

now im no genius at liux or untangle, but it was looking for the file at http://localhost/webstart/gui.jnlp i looke in my /var/www folder to see if there was anything there and there isnt, so i figured apache was configured to use a differant directory for the web files and its not. so i copied the gui.jnlp file to /var/www/webstart and tried the untangle-client again, this time i got past that error but now i get "could not parse launch file. error at line 0"

this seems to me as though apache isnt pointing in the right location for the files, is this correct? or is something else wrong here.

thanks in advance.