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Thread: Upgrade to 6...

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    My box updated to 6.0.1 and now when I go to add a site to the web filter it has a distorted line across the page and it will not let you save a page to block ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by scot1967 View Post
    Build: 6.0.1~svn20081205r20839release
    6.0-1 sarge

    In 5.4 I noticed my Attack Blocker reports went blank on 12/4 around 1:00 pm and never came back. No other reports were affected. I turned the attack blocker off and on again to see if that would solve the issue but then saw the upgrade availible and decided to take the plung! I'll post back if I am still having trouble.

    Hi scot1967,
    I saw the same thing happen on about the 12/3, Attack Blocker reports blank?

    Have the reports returned to normal? I know it might take a day or two.
    I haven't updated yet to 6.01, but it is showing as available.

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    Hmmm, I looked but I did not see it. Maybe I need to figureout how the search works. I am not familiar with the system at all.

    Thanks for the info. My Attack Blocker reports are back now btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danp View Post
    Did you try the following?

    1. Click the Settings button on the desired module
    2. Click the Remove button at the bottom left

    Works ! Thank you so much......

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