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    Ok. so it doesn't seem like this problem was completely resolved. I also have a Vostro 220s. How do I get to the right place to do what castries has mentioned. I am getting the out of range error.

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    I'm a newbie to Untangle and Linux. This little snippet of code save LOTS of frustration! setting the virtual screen to 1024 768 made all the difference with my Vostro 220s!

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    Default Video Issue Work-Around

    First Post. Love this software, now that it is finally installed and I can see it and play with it. After a struggle with trying to edit xorg.cong, etc, because of video issues, I finally decided to try a different tact. I downloaded version 6.0 at

    I then installed it, allowed it to do its thing and then upgraded to the latest version 6.2.0 and voila. I can now see the GUI and really start to appreciate what a gem this is. And I am running the latest version on old equipment, old video, no editing any files. The install warned me that the processor was not up to the task but I am only playing at the moment on a small network of little consequence.

    The first install went sideways, perhaps because I was impatient but who knows. The second install, which I walked away from several times to allow whatever was going to happen to happen, went well. The upgrade happened in two stages. I then had to select the applications I wanted by clicking on them for the first time and allow them to install.

    I'm pretty stoked. Way easier than editing files as a linux/untangle newbie, which I am. A bit of a cheesy workaround but it worked for me. The version 6.0 video settings seem to have carried through to my 6.2.0 install. Or perhaps it was just dumb luck, but worth a try Perhaps it will work for you too.

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