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    Hi ctpensacola,

    In the same post that i sugest to try with root and blank password
    i post a link no how to reset the root password.

    But i think the easyest way for you is to download a knoppix live cd (
    Boot with the Live CD and edit the Xorg.conf (on the internal harddrive) file or reset the root password.

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    I am chasing my tail at this point. Is it fun to make people jump through hoops and see them fail time after time? I am starting to think there are some folks in these forums who think so. As directed, I created the Knoppix disk and booted from it and what do i see? Input Signal Out of Range. Do you all actually try these things before you suggest them? I am thinking not. I'll wait on the full release of 6.2. I've wasted about 4 hours now with no progress.

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