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    Default 6.1 upgrade sucessful.

    Check out there were updates show on the upgrade list.

    somekind of "untangle light gateway 6.0.3" i didn't aware that was an upgrade to 6.1. choose to upgrade, after 3hours, the upgrade was sucessful. but suprisesingly it has upgrade to 6.1 with the following build.

    Build: 6.1.0~svn20090410r22859release6.1-1lenny

    Took around 3hours on a amd x2 3250e / 3Gb ram / 320Gb 2.5" 5,400rpm HD

    notice a few improvements.
    - can reconize my 3250e cpu. (before it just shown a 1.5Ghz dual core)
    - router mode run a little faster than before
    - lesser mkg error

    something seems not fixed.
    - page faults a lots..
    - cpu usuage a little higher than 6.01
    - disk I/O occur every 7-8 seconds. (i don't use any logs on packages)

    Full spec is here.

    many thanks to untangle team.
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