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    Default New install 6.1 install status?

    I am doing a new install of 6.1 on my machine that died during the upgrade from 6.02 to 6.1 and am past the step where it is downloading the packages and installing them. I now have the splash screen that says "The system is upgrading to 6.1 PLEASE DO NOT REBOOT.

    How long does it normally stay in this mode? It took about 12 hours to download and install the packages.

    I left to go to lunch when it was still downloading the packages and when I came back the gui is up with the do not reboot message.

    I can't log into the web interface yet. If I click on the launch client icon from the machine I get a page not found. If I go to the web admin page it says "IT WORKS!"

    I want to make sure I am not hung.


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    it takes a few hours.
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