Hi there!

I am having problems getting Untangle to get IP settings from my modem.

I have a Virgin Media ADSL connection with a Speedtouch 510 v6 modem/router. The Speedtouch has a feature whereby it will pass all the connection settings to an attached device thereby in effect acting only as a modem (I think this is what is referred to as bridging mode). This works perfectly with my current Draytek router and it happily gets IP, DNS and gateway addresses.

What I'd like to do is replace the Draytek with Untangle as I can then gain all the extra features of Untangle. Now when I plug the Speedtouch into Untangle's external interface, Untangle can see the Speedtouch and I can configure the Speedtouch to pass it's connection settings to Untangle. However, Untangle will only get the IP and DNS addresses and not the gateway address. Even if I plug the gateway address in manually (in the override box in Untangle) I still get no connectivity.

Anyone have any pointers, advice or know of any issues with my set-up?
I'd prefer to use untangle as a full router rather than in bridge mode so that I can eliminiate the need for the Draytek (or use the weaker router features of the Speedtouch!).

Thanks in advance!