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    Default untangle multi DMZ

    I'll talk in a lame way... i need to access 3 web based machines behind the firewall from the web...
    untangle now forward me to one of them but i need to access the rest..
    the trick here is to use the port 80 only... noted that i can have as many wan IP addresses i want...

    maybe it's writen in other place but i couldn't find it...

    i need to know how to do the above...

    any idea guys?

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    Three options:

    1) Use alternate ports (8081, 8082, etc) on the public IP but mapped to port 80 on each internal server. (PubIP 8081 to PrivateIP1 port 80). You can use an HTTP redirect service to fill in the ports for you. I use DNSMadeEasy. So, for example, would hard redirect to (Depending on WHY you said "no alternate ports" this might be workable, or not) I use this myself rather than pay $15 a pop per extra public IP per month to Comcast.

    2) Look under Networking, Port Forwarding, Destination Address. Forward A Destination Address AND a port. You aren't setting up a DMZ (and generally don't want to.) My undersanding (and I haven't done this myself) is that while Untangle only requires/allows one IP to be specified for the WAN, you can forward using any you like that are also publicly assigned to the same WAN connection.

    3) A reverse proxy server. UNtangle forwards port 80 to reverse proxy, reverse proxy forwards specific web sites to specific internal servers.

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