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    Default Untangle 6.1 on Dell PowerEdge 2950


    I tried installing Untangle 6.1 on a Dell PowerEdge 2950:

    - (2) x Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.83
    - 24 GB RAM

    My problem is that only 4 GB (or was it 2) was recognized. When I checked the logs it said something like needed a HIGHMEM kernel. If this were another Linux distro - I'd try recompiling a kernel or I think some distros already have this kind of kernel. Now what about for Untangle - what do I need to do in order for my 24 GB to be recognized?

    I searched on the forums - and all I see are Dell 2950 issues with its NICs - the Broadcom. For my part I haven't tested yet the NIC when I did the install.

    Anyway - has anyone tried Untangle on a Dell 2950?



    BTW - to anyone interested - you can search my posts and you'll see that I'm progressively moving to more powerful hardware - my organization is really intent in using Untangle - but with the size of our network - I think we really need a powerful server.

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    Hi jayjay,

    Untangle is a 32-bit Software and can only address 4 GB of RAM
    In the last Webinar Dirk hinted that they will release a 64-bit version later.
    Whan that comes you can address all your 24 GB.

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