I've built 3 boxes using ASUS p5kpl motherboards, 2gb ram, 160gb hd, 2.2ghz dual core Intel cpu's.

It seems that often in the morning they will quit connecting to the internet for many websites but usually google searches will still connect. (Iget the infamous "failure to connect" error). This problem does not happen every night, but I haven't gotten one of these boxes to last more than 3 days. The installed password will not work when trying to connect to the Untangle via browser from inside the network and after hooking up a keybd & monitor the whole system is usually hosed. Once I was able to login in terminal mode as root by using root, (something I had never tried before) and was surprised when it worked.

The ASUS mb seems to come as a suggested to use mb on the Linux questions forums. (although ASUS has recently pissed-off the Linux users by advertising for the other side)

I've run memory tests for hours, no errors. I installed mepis, win xp, and LinOS, can't find any issues, the boxes all work.

If I didn't know better I'd say some hacker is having a heyday at my expense.