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    Default Rdp ips

    There was a previous post about this:

    Remote Desktop Intrusion Prevention:

    I "THINK" that the 'hackers' are using a 'script' to send username/passwords to the RDP Session using the 'client-side' authentication process.

    With this 'theory' in mind; the 'hacker' is opening and closing RDP sessions for each user/password attempt.

    Can we set a IPS limiter of 10 connect/reconnect events within a 5 minute span to set off an IPS block?

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    i think you can do this via GPO / local security policy by creating account lockout and login to terminal services restriction.

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    You can also use a higher port number, say 53389, and create a port forward rule. You access your remote desktop by adding ":53389" (without quotes, of course) after the address that you normally use. I did something similar, with a different port number, and I since had virtually no attempts to connect. Couple that with a local policy to lock a user account with 10 failed attempts and you are quite safe. I personnaly did not bother with the lock rule, once I saw that connexion attempts essentially ceased.


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