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    Default Events and IPS 14.1

    Wondering why. In old IPS we would disable a signature. We had lots of signatures customized the way we wanted. We would disable ones and they would no longer be picked up by the events action.

    I have an event made that watches the intrusionpreventionlogevent and send an email when certain conditions are met. Such as below:

    In the new IPS we make a rule to disable events that are not interesting, however the events will still send an email even though the rule disables the signature.


    I have confirmed in signatures that the action is disabled, I would assume this means logging and blocking etc-
    So how are events rules still acting on disabled IPS signatures by rule?

    (Yes I know the 2 images above don't actually match- but present the issue visually)


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    Its not clear from the rule snippit, but make sure the rules to disable signatures are added at the top of the Rules list.

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