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    We have a decent spam/malware service provider. Although our users have NO ADMIN priviledges, they still need to be trained on opening https, mail attachements and so forth...getting more and more difficult to "sell" on premise security !

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.
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    Yeah Untangle isn't an effective tool to prevent cryptos.

    Most cryptos are delivered via email... And they are transferred via Dropbox, OneDrive, and other file storage and sharing systems Untangle's filters flat can't deal with, because if they did no one could use them.

    Your protection against a crypto is user training, as well as a proper disaster recovery plan. Perhaps an upgraded spam filter... none of which Untangle does. I mean sure the Web Filter does a strong job of keeping out the malware, and it's essential to have... but it's just not the only thing you need.

    And no, whitelisting doesn't work 100% of the time...
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