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    Default IoT devices blocked by IPS

    I've Been playing around with IPS when I first turned it on IPS was logging and actually Blocking a bunch DOS attempts for the first day. The logging part didn't really catch my attention but the blocking part did especially since I'm only using the default rules. One device was a Apple Tv & the other was a echo dot actually I think most of my apple stuff was at least getting Logged IPads and Apple TV's. Weird thing is I left IPS on and now I haven't had a log or Block for 2 days. I've been using Untangle for a year now and never used IPS because I've read it was just a waste especially for home use. I don't know what it's wasting doesn't seem to be taking up many resources. Also not sure if these blocks were just false positives, if I were still getting the blocks I wouldn't be as concerned but since the blocks and the logging has stopped it actually makes me more concerned. Should I be ? The only action I've taken was leaving IPS on.
    uptime: 10d 16h 33m
    Server: custom
    CPU Count: 4
    CPU Type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 v5 @ 3.30GHz
    Architecture: amd64
    Memory: 8.24 GB
    Disk: 956.26 GB
    Memory 8.24 GB 23.8% used 1.96 GB
    free 76.2% 6.27 GB
    After other network processing
    2020-01-30 09:43:48 pm
    Medium memory
    TCP [6]
    Possible TCP DoS

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    OMG! That's a hell of a machine for a home use... DANG! ;-)
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    Lol overkill for sure. When I was looking into untangle and all the other firewall appliances for the price it was just better to buy a Dell PowerEdge T30 rip it apart and throw it in a rack mount case and call it good.

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