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    Default IP random issue part 2

    I originally posted this: Basically, every so often IP would stop logging anything until I rebooted my U25x appliance. Then it'd be back to normal for a while, then repeat the cycle.

    Now, I'm getting sort of the opposite. I made only one change to my Untangle config: I disabled an inbound port forward on HTTP which was the only inbound forward. When the port was open, and since I have IP set to process after other rules, I would normally get a few IP alerts/blocks a day and only on the open port. As expected, after disabling the inbound port forward, I was getting no alerts/blocks a day. Then suddenly, I'll start getting hundreds or thousands of alerts a day, on all ports. That continues until I reboot the U25x. Then it goes back to normal (now no reports) until it suddenly goes to all again.

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    Hi ntguru ,Has your problem been solved?

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