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    Default IDS is now blocking VOIP calls through Google or business VOIP system

    I have not touched the IDS IPS settings in months and now all of a sudden all VOIP calls on my network suddenly stopped working either through Google Voice or our business VOIP software system. I attempted to contact support but they closed the ticket right away as now Untangle subscribers no longer get support.
    I have created the necessary bypass rules to allow VOIP calls to go through but to have the IDS rules to suddenly update and change like that is wrong.
    This needs to be resolved on Untangle's end as this is unacceptable.

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    IPS rules are updated daily from a third party, suricata. You will need to drill into the reports to see which rule is causing the issue. I generally bypass VOIP traffic as there is no reason to actively filter it.
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    I do the same. Bypass all VOIP traffic that's on its own VLAN. No issues

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