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    Default Dual WAN with IPsec

    Hi, I have a customer who uses IPsec VPN connections to a cloud software provider to run their practice management software. Currently their office has 2 wan (cable and dsl) connections on separate routers. Each router is configured with an IPsec connection to the vendor. When 1 ISP goes down, they move the LAN cable on router1 to router2 and then they must notify the vendor so they can adjust and accept the VPN connection from the new WAN IP.

    My question is, if I implement a UT box there with wan failover how will this work? Will I have 2 IPsec configurations (can I have 2?) with one sitting idle until the failover kicks in? Since the WAN IP would change with the ISP change I assume that I would need 2 IPsec setups.

    Also, can UT support simultaneous SSL vpn connections (UT to UT) and IPsec vpn connections (site to vendor)?


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    my understanding is Yes and No..

    First you can create two IPSEC vpn connections one for each WAN you just have to choose the IP address in the VPN connection configuration. The destination Network may be an issue if they both run at the same time pointing to the same wan subnet. but you should be able to enable or disable whichever one you want to be active at any time. but this would be a manual thing and not automatic.

    the Wan failover just checkes which isp connection is up and sends the internet traffic from your LAN to the internet through the connection that is up or the default connection in the event they are both up. the wan balancer just sends packets out the least used pipe. based on a weight you provide.

    Hope this helps...
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