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    Default untangle to untangle with multiple attached networks

    Have 2 sites, both will have untangle. One has just a standard single protected network. The other site has 5 other p2p fiber sites that I want to route with untangle, the box has plenty of NICs. My question is 2 fold, at the main site, do i need static routes for each network( i did use a different interface IP than LAN subnet) and for the remote site to reach those remote sites through untangle, what would the default route be, or do i just add those networks for protected networks?

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    Using IPsec, you will need to add one IPsec tunnel for each of the remote LAN subnets.

    The other option is to use OpenVPN and make the multiple LAN site the server side and the single LAN the client side. OpenVPN will can handle multiple LAN nets if on the server side.
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