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    Default Ipsec licensing

    I'm trying to understand the licensing model for ipsec with respect to setting up site-to-site VPN. Firstly, does the license count apply to ipsec? If the number of users exceeds the license, how (if applicable) will access to the other site be affected?


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    Untangle licensing doesn't apply to an individual module, it applies to a server. However many devices you have going through Untangle that aren't bypassed, that's what you license for.

    The licensing doesn't shut your system down if you violate it, but it does phone home. And if UT support contacts you and asks you to upgrade, and you're uncooperative they'll pull your license.

    In 5 years of Untangle, I have yet to have a server negatively impacted due to licensing issues. Except the very rare cases wherein the licensing server was offline while I was trying to apply or move a subscription. And even then the server was online, it was just on trials for a day.
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