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    Default IPSec site-to-site tunnel partially working

    Hi all,

    I have 3 Untangle FW installed at 3 sites, lets say A, B, and C. All 3 have IPSec tunnelling licenses.

    Site "A" is my main site with subnet, site B and C are respectively and Both sites B and C connect to site A using IPSec tunnelling.

    The tunnels seem to mount fine. I get green lights in the appliance. From the site A diagnostic Ping tester, I can ping adresses on sites B and C.

    However (and this is where I'm getting problems): for machines within the network of site A ( for example), I'm unable to ping another machine on site B with the address However, this machine can be pinged from my Untangle device... As if the tunnel is partial and not extended...

    Must I create a NAT rule to complete my installation?? Routing rules??

    The only special thing about the site A installation is that I have dual WAN (hence WAN failover and Balancer). Could this cause my problems?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Windows firewall, it prevents access to non-local subnets by default. I'd start there.
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