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    I have used openVPN for logging into home when at work, this works fine, except I have never successfully got it going on iphone as its a faf to do so and ideally I would prefer to use the macs built in networking rather than running yet another app in the menu bar (tunnelblik)

    So IPsec seems ideal as IPsec is available on macs internal networking.

    However after an afternoon of faffing I cannot get this working. Is there simple instructions somewhere that would help out someone who is not actually an IT person? The instructions by untangle are not working for me. When set up when I try and connect, it either immediately says authentication failed (on macs networking: VPN, IPSec Cisco,) or when I click connect nothing happens what so ever (Macs networking, VPN L2PT over IPsec)

    I have added a new entry in the Local Directory, I assume in set up on clients username and password are derived from this. I have changed the shared secret and put that in the client as well. Address I assume to be the IP addy from my ISP and displayed in 'server listen address'

    Cheers for any pointers

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    I would start with screen shots of the IPsec page /admin/ The wiki should help. There is also an IPsec webinar.

    Version of Untangle?
    Is the Untangle in transparent or router mode?
    Is the server listen address correct?
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    Hi there. I have the latest install 13.1. The listen address is the same as the external addy in network config, i.e. correct. Its running as the router.

    I believe I have followed the instructions, but obviously not!

    As I say openvpn is what I usually use and thats working fine.
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