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    Default IPSec/L2TP & Windows 10 1709

    Good morning...

    I have been using OpenVPN successfully for remote access to my home network for some time and for the most part it seems to work very well. I always wanted to transition to IPSec though due to OS compatibility and finally just got around to it this last weekend. My reason for moving was I now have an iPhone and the OpenVPN clients on iOS seem to all be third party apps and I am leery of trusting what they are doing with my network traffic and feel much safer using the native iOS VPN functionality instead.

    I watched the TechTalk regarding IPSec configuration, specifically the aspects that apply to remote client access and am using a default configuration save for modifying the L2TP and Xauth/IKEv2 address pools (each is a distinct pool) to fall closer in line with my chosen LAN subnet. Otherwise I am using local directory authentication with a pre-shared key.

    My iOS device connected immediately with no problems. Setting the same connection up on my Windows 10 1709 laptop though does not seem to work. I get an error stating "A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.".

    When setting up the VPN connection in Windows, I chose the "L2TP/IPSec with preshared key" VPN type and entered the PSK and username/password. Is there any additional configuration required in the connection details beyond the basic setup that I am missing?

    I do see that under the connection details (using the old control panel applet) there are no authentication options enabled (under the security tab).

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    Security predefined needs to be entered in the Windows 10 config.
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