I'm setting up an ipsec VPN between two locations with untangle appliances. One location is Nat'ed, the other is not. The Nat'ed location (location 1) has a Spectrum public ip assigned to a Cisco router which has a lan IP of The untangle on that end is connected to a lan port on the Cisco router. The untangle is in router mode; the public IP is and the LAN is

At the other location (location 2) the untangle has a Frontier public IP and a lan address of

I can see and connect to devices located at location 2 from location 1 (the Nat'ed untangle), but I cannot see or connect devices located at location 1 from location 2.

Everything seems to be set correctly with the exception of the local identifier for location 1 (the Nat'ed untangle). I'm not sure what this should be set to, or what other configuration needs to be done on the untangle at location 1. The remote identifier for both is set to %any.

What should I set the local identifier to on location 1, and should I set a local identifier on location 2? Are there any other configuration changes I need to make?