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    Default Untangle crash on L2TP session visiting Speedtest ver.14.01 on ProxMox hypervisor

    I am testing virtual Untangle version 14.01 .iso installation on ProxMox hypervisor in my private cloud environment (with 8 Gb RAM dedicated for Untangle).

    When I connect to Untangle via a L2TP and run - Untangle crash every time. When browsing casually, everything works smoothly. All traffic from PC when connected through L2TP session is going through Untangle to internet.

    I have only one laptop connected to Untangle.

    I tried E100 and virtio and vmxnet3 network drivers without success.

    On the same hypervisor I have 16 other VMs running without any problems (Linux, Win, PfSense, Sophos etc.).

    Attaching screenshots from configuration.

    Do you have any ideas how to troubleshoot it and what could be a cause of that?
    In this situation I can use ProxMox hypervisor only.
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    What is meant by "crash"? Instance reboots, stops passing traffic, L2TP connection stops, or something?
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    You might read threw this thread for some tips on proxmox.

    I use openvpn so don't know about ipsec. But proxmox works well. Actually I have seen a memory issue. Give your memory the same minimum as maximum.


    Not sure why, maybe something to do with ballooning. The memory reported by Untangle dash board and proxmox don't agree for some reason.

    mem untangle.pngmem prox.png

    That might have something to do with it also. I only noticed this with the latest update. Build: Might have been there before that but I never had issues with it.

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