I've successfully set up a WAN failover solution using a cellular ISP for backup. This box's IPsec app handles a number of tunnels, which are in constant use, including middle of the night. All of the tunnels will be replicated with the backup ISP's WAN address. In speaking with support, I was left with the impression that, in the event of a failover, the tunnels would have to be manually switched off and on. Since most outages are fairly short, this is not a conducive solution.

I'm trying to figure out a way to automate failover for the tunnels as well as control the tunnel traffic flow, avoiding use of the cellular-based WAN until there's a failover. All thoughts and ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Here's the box's relevant setup...

WAN1 (Primary): Spectrum COAX, static IP address
WAN2 (Failover): Verizon Wireless LTE, static IP address
WAN Balancer is set to 100 for WAN1 and 0 for WAN2
WAN Failover works as intended