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    Default Apple Configurator 2 - Always on IKEv2 VPN for device filtering

    It took me awhile to get the right settings, so I thought I would share. I have a 14 year old, and my ex-wife decided to get him an unrestricted iPhone. Since the cellular connection totally bypassed my Untangle firewall, I had to figure out a way to filter it without him being able to circumvent it when he is away. The always on VPN policy on the phone ensures that all wifi or cellular traffic from his phone is now filtered by my Untangle firewall. If my Internet goes down, so does his!

    You can use Apple Configurator 2 in conjunction with the IPSec firewall on Untangle to enforce web and application filtering. Apple Configurator defaults to AES256/SHA2-256 which didn't connect to Untangle. These are the settings that worked in Apple Configurator 2:

    Encryption Algorithm: 3DES
    Integrity Algorithm: SHA1-96
    DH Group: 2

    Hope someone finds this useful

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    Hi Niwrik,

    I'm trying to create a Apple Configurator 2 profile for my son's iPhone 11 so that I can filter his traffic and have literally spent 2 days trying to figure out how to configure it on both the untangle NGFW and on Apple Configurator 2. Funnily enough I was able to set up a vpn profile from iOS and get it working according to the instructions given on the untangle site but the interface on Apple Configurator 2 asks for way more info. Is it possible for you to provide me with a screenshot of your settings(with any private information redacted)?


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