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    Exclamation Large number of IPSec Tunnel Connection Events (Untangle to Draytek Vigor 2862)

    How Should I approach this issue and if possible fix the large amount of Tunnel connection events that I get between my home connection (Untangle FW) and my grandparents connection (Draytek Vigor 2862). I assume the amount/frequency I get is not normal.

    At my end it is a FTTC/VDSL connection, at my grandparents end, it is direct fibre into their home (FTTP). Both ends are static IP on the WAN side. Is my Cisco core switch at my end and is connected directly to my untangle firewall.

    I have also just switched from AES256 to 3DES to see if that makes a difference.

    Tunnel Connection Events:
    Tunnel Events.png

    Tunnel config my/Untangle side:

    My end.JPG

    Tunnel config grandparents/Draytek side:

    Grandparents 1.JPG
    Grandparents 2.JPG

    Regards: Elliott.
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